Certificación FCC, Certificación EMI, Certificación CE, ISO 9002
Con la Tarjeta Recuperadora de Datos de Juzt-Reboot, SOLO REINICIE y listo!
Drivers & Software Licenciado

NUEVO! Software Licenciados Juzt-Reboot SW-i8 ™ & Juzt-Reboot W7*
Juzt-Reboot versiones para Windows 7 y la nueva Versión para Windows 8, son versiones de Software especialmente diseñadas para el mercado creciente de Notebooks y por supuesto, Desktop y AllinOne, en los cuales no es posible el uso de nuestra Tarjeta Premium Recuperadora de Datos y Sistemas, versión PCI o PCiexpress 1X, pero que necesitan la protección de Juzt-Reboot contra todo evento. Estas versiones están diseñadas para trabajar también bajo Linux.

Instant Recovery Mode

Supports WIN NT / WIN 2000 / WIN XP / WIN 2003 / WIN XP64 / WIN VISTA32 / WIN VISTA64 / WINDOWS 7 32 & 64

Backup Recovery Mode

Supports DOS / WIN 3.x / WIN 95 / WIN 98 / WIN ME / WIN 2000 /WIN NT / WIN XP / WIN 2003 / WIN VISTA / WINDOWS 7 / LINUX / OS/2

Expansion Slot

Availabe for PCI 32bits and PCI Express PCIe x1

Hardware Base PCI Card (processor & memory


Own/Independent BIOS built-in


Card size

PCI = 67mm X 29mm, PCIe = 54mm x 38mm

Hard Drive Support

IDE / EIDE / ATA66, 100, 133 / SATA I & II

Support File System

Extended MS-DOS/FAT16/32/NTFS/HPFS for Instant Recovery Mode and include OS/2 / Linux / FreeBSD for Backup Recovery Mode

Computer Base

IBM PC compatible with Pentium and above processor, 32MB RAM above

Auto Restore CMOS data


System Restore Time

Instantly (less than 1 second)

Plug and Play


Hardware Compatible Configuration

Yes (Mode A, B, C, D)

Install Option

Express / Reserve C / Advanced / Network (by Floppy Disk, CD/DVD ROM & option for Windows Base)

Buffer/Shadow Space

Max 2GB by Express Installation or
Max 4GB by Custom Installation (i.e. Hybrid Dynamic Buffer of total free hard disk space + special hidden 4GB of fix Buffer for best performance)

Extended Disks Protection/Recovery


Support all types of BIOS


Lock Boot up Partition


Restoration Interval


Juzt-CACHE Technology Support


S-DATA Technology Support

Yes (Smart detection of the backup zone)

Backup Mode Selections

Yes (Instant Restore/ Backup Restore/ Network Restore)

Switching Backup Mode Selection

Yes (Switching from Backup Restore to Instant Restore)

Create Partition during Installation

Yes (Under Custom Installation)

Number of Boot Partitions

Up to 42

Number of Specified Data Disk

Assign by user (Data can be recovered by Backup Restore Mode)

Additional Data Partition Protection

Yes (Set to Private)

Default Boot-up Selection


Auto Startup Delay Selection

Yes (0~99 sec)

Protection if the Card Failed

Yes, protected

Cracker Stop

Yes, protected

Block other Boot Media

Yes, protected

Partitions Password


Disable Boot Partitions


Password Settings

Supervisor / Backup / Restore / Boot (4 Level Password)

Keep Previous System Configuration


Support LAN Type

Support all type of LAN/Ethernet from 10Mbps to 1 Gbps (expansion NIC card or on-board LAN)


Yes, 1000PCs at one time (Multi-Casting Simultaneously)

Netclone Speed

800MB/min with 1Gb Network Adaptor

Netclone Copy Option

Groups Copy, Partitions Copy, Parameter Copy. Schedule WOL... cloning for upgrading patches and adding new software

Netclone IP Address auto distribution

Yes (Auto or Manual assigned IP Address will be disributed to all individual PC

HDD Copy/Clone (track by track)

Supports 1-3 IDE HDD & 1-7 SATA HDD

Hard Drive Type Limitation

Support all brands of Hard Drive with unlimited size (more than 1TB

Safety Value


S.M.A.R.T. Analysis


Preset Auto Restore Boot Partition

Yes (Every / Daily / Weekly / Monthly / Day of Week / Day of Month / Manual)

Preset Format Data Partition

Yes (Every / Daily / Weekly / Monthly / Day of Week / Day of Month / Manual)

Set Open Mode Schedule

Yes (Every / Daily / Weekly / Monthly / Day of Week / Day of Month)

Restore Time

Instantly (under 1 second)


Yes, By Software (CD-ROM, Floppy Diskette, Download)

Uninstall Function

Yes (OS will remain when installed by Express Mode)

Title Menu Setting


Remote Control to Client PCs

Yes (Switching Mode, Reset, Shutdown, Backup, Restore, WOL, Change Password, Set Parameter, File Deployment & upgrade patches, Execute Command, Monitoring, Remote Desktop Assistance, Lock Keyboard & Mouse, Stop Internet Explorer, Set Group, Set Schedule).

CE Certification


FCC Certification

Yes ( Class A)

RoHS Compliance Certification


Microsoft Credential Certification


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